Thinking of sex… hmm

How much of sex is in the mind as well as the physical being. I can seriously start to see the benefits of both… let the mind wander knowing all the fun of the physical. Well just take my texting, that’s all playing with the mind, but enough to get you physically in a very naughty state of pleasure.

So I find myself  looking at my situation. My French liaison. Fare to say has come and gone, but the naughty thoughts in my head have lingered far longer and started to morph into so much more. Was it specifically him that got me there, or just that he ticked my requirements, and if I analysed those, what are they? I suppose definitely young, athletic and toned physique, add to that a fabulous kisser, erotic moment, and a very horny man. Hmm yes I think that is my list of ingredients. Someone recently said to me that some of us get to a certain stage of life where all of a sudden you notice young men and babies. Well how true. I am most definitely noticing young men, and thankfully they me. Equally I can appreciate how gorgeous young babies are too. I haven’t lost that giddiness that kept me buzzing through my day. I think it had been a worthy lesson and something I wouldn’t have wished not to have experienced. I feel genuinely lucky to have that feeling inside, to have that feeling of being sexy and aroused. I believe that this might just be the start of so much more.

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