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I was certainly in unchartered waters here! My flirty pleasures had actually aroused him. My husband’s initial angst had softened to ….naughtiness! As the days rolled on I was very conscious of what had been disclosed between us, but in some ways bizarrely I found that my behaviour had not caused deep issues as I had initially feared, but had been taken on the level I had received them. As I always said it was playful, flirty fun with no lasting intention or deep meaning but all sexually arousing I admit. I was surprised how it was brought up on different occasions but I found myself embellishing my story rather than playing it down, I enjoyed adding more for his entertainment, particularly when he asked during our intimate moments ….did I touch him first? And then to tell him what happened when he slid his hand into my panties. Did I undo my trousers and invite his hand in? Was I turned on and wet when he touched me. You can imagine I had great fun playing up the story and arousing fantasies in both of us.

It was all such naughty banter and so enjoyable. I must admit it was a relief to finally share some of this with someone, and someone so close to me who could hear it all and not pass judgment. It was refreshing to have such openness. I was truly thankful he had realised there was no threat or lasting issue. There was no affair in the damaging sense, it was just his wife getting … well lets face it, saucy and naughty with a young man. A lustful moment that she had should I say, deserved to enjoy a little of after all these years of marriage. If it made me feel naughty and horny, why shouldn’t I feel that for but a few moments?

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