Pulse racing….. he text again

My life was back rolling again, everything seemed to calm down, but those little thoughts flashed in my head every so often. Day-to-day routine was back in force and life continued to be good. But I still kept playing out those fun memories in my head, nothing wrong with that, just fantasies that we all have, just mine were based on reality. I was very aware they would soon merge into the background of my mind but for the meantime they brought a smile to my face. I think its healthy to still be in touch with that sort of excitement and there are very few I believe who would disagree with me. You have those random encounters in life, but that’s all they can ever be, but some have the ability to make your life so much more varied and sweeter.

But….my goodness, I wasn’t ready for that text. Why suddenly he decided to text me again, I don’t know. But there it was in French from +0033….. Pulse racing I was right back there again, the panic and excitement extreme for such a few little words and in French at that, so I couldn’t even get the full meaning of the message. No time to think, my fingers quickly on Safari, Google translate here I come.

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    • Thank you SO much for your really kind comment as it means a lot as this is still very new to me and I feel I am only just finding my feet….I hope you will continue to read and enjoy my journey….!

      Loves Anna x

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