Ooh could I really get my hands on a new man?…

Well looking around online I could see there certainly wasn’t a shortage of men! 12,583 to be precise all online at that very moment. Admittedly couples were probably the next largest group with just a few single women of the ‘not so great looking variety’. Should offer me some interest…. Well I saw it as just some research, it was just a little cheeky look, after all I felt a little out of my depth and wasn’t exactly sure what to expect or what I was really going to do. Although the thought of a perfect mystery man kept me very intrigued and slightly excited at the thought. Surely no harm in just peeking about, it was a very recognised site and so far nothing odd at all, but a very efficient search facility.

After creating a little discreet profile of ourselves with I admit rather non descript pictures for my public profile, I ventured forth on a search of single men 25 – 35yrs, within a certain radius, though not on my immediate doorstep. This pretty quickly changed to 32 yrs as far too many featured in my search already! Then of course there was the fun of fine tuning my ideal man… hmm height… definitely tall, body frame…. had to be athletic, tattoos? Well that was something I had to admit on a young athletic frame I found rather sexy. While I was letting myself get carried away on my Mr X,  random messages were already hitting my inbox. Wow I was live and in full communication and with messages flying in directly to me. Though I could see you had to be prepared to expect all sorts, but with so many men out there at anyone time searching online for sex there was plenty of fun to be had. Well if you were after some naughty cybersex, this was certainly the way to get it and I could see would be a naughty little distraction for me over the coming weeks.

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2 thoughts on “Ooh could I really get my hands on a new man?…

  1. If only younger women were as eager to find an older men (not 30) as younger men are to find older women ( not 30) then it truly would be a fun little game of cat and mouse

    • Oh I don’t know… there are plenty of younger girlies that do love the older man but often they are looking for something else in that … maturity, financial comfort, a different level of offering. Infact I have spoken to some women that much prefer an older man, in their eyes there is nothing like experience! Just depends on your own interest and desires. Thank you for reading. Loves Anna xx

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