Oh such naughty eyes

Oh my, what was I doing with this tall young Frenchman…? One minute I was chatting with him at the bar enjoying a few vodkas, the next I had my hands up his shirt feeling all over his firm torso while our lips were frantic on each other. Do I have any restraint? But then again … I didn’t want any restraint last night I was having too much fun, good old selfish fun. Over a quick coffee and sneaky cigarette I had time to catch my thoughts the following morning. With a big smile on my face I knew I had to see if he would be there again, after all I was only away for a few days and I couldn’t not have another chance to enjoy his company. As I walked into the bar on the following evening, my eyes darted around the room frantically, at first I didn’t see him, and for a few seconds my heart did sink. Wouldn’t quite be the night I was after, after all. But just then, I caught sight of him walking back towards the bar. Hmm such naughty dark eyes, I was ready for some more tactile fun and he was quite definitely walking my way.

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