Must all good things end?

Back on the flight home, I had a fabulous grin on my face, but a cold panic was starting to evolve. What on earth have I been doing? Did I allow things to get a bit out of control? Yes they were wonderful naughty memories I was taking with me, but reality of my life was about to hit me hard and fast. I admit I was suddenly feeling rather low, after such a high of the last few days. All those naughty butterflies of meeting up had left me for an awful empty feeling. I know it was the sheer fun of the moment that made my 5 days so special. I realised that. But I couldn’t help it, the thought of going home to a more mundane life what slapping me hard between the eyes. I was also starting to realise the unfortseen actions…. Oh what had I started in me, what had I done?….

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