Love a little sexy flirt… who doesn’t!

Oh yes sex is addictive and so was this site. I found myself easily catching a few minutes here and there to log on and see what was landing in my inbox…who was messaging, what they were like, who they had met, and then follow up the odd message with some sexy dialogue. At first it was just a little random nosiness on my behalf that tweaked my increasingly active mind, until I started to pick out a few individuals that caught my eye. I could see a certain type definitely emerging …. muscular, athletic types who tended to be no older than about 32. Oh this was doing me no good … it was fuelling more thoughts and I could see was encouraging a little more than a few messages. But I was starting to really enjoy the fun of chatting to these strangers, a chance for being a little more flirty than I could anywhere else…  and without any recrimination. Afterall, I was still just a name behind a hidden profile… a hidden secret, and that worked so well as I still wasn’t quite sure if I really wanted to meet. Half the fun on here for me was the banter, but knowing behind it all there was of course the possible opportunities kept it all very real and alive. I’m sure I wasn’t alone at all in that regard, and that there were probably quite a few other girlies who were breaking up their day with such sexual distraction and bad inuendos.

Hmm the sexual flirtiness was a real little tonic, everyone needs a little stimulation and excitement, how can you enjoy any sexual fun without some great flirty banter. On a few evenings I took my trusty Ipad to bed and enjoyed engaging in some fabulous sexual dialogue online … my husband seeing the fun I was having thought I could do with a little help in searching for a few naughty gimmes and even started to highlight the odd random male, adding him to my special hotlist when I wasn’t looking. It certainly added another dimension, and allowed me to feel more liberated as I became braver and bolder in my chats, then enjoying him see how naughty my mind really could be by reading my responses to him. Sometimes he added a more fragrant ‘male’ version that he knew would arouse any man who read it and just fuelled even more explicit dialogue back and forth. This was so naughty, even I could see, letting me get giddy and sexually provocative, allowing myself to open up to the sort of behaviour I fancied. But on the other hand it was so healthy, we found messages became half written as my mind was so aroused physical fun had to be had with my oh so wicked husband. Yes it was all very healthy.

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8 thoughts on “Love a little sexy flirt… who doesn’t!

  1. My husband and I have talked about doing something similar, but we haven’t figured out where to start. Where did you end up creating your profile?

    • I’m pleased that you are looking at this as a couple, and certainly think that is by far the best way. For me the experience has been positive but only because I someone to share the fun who knows what I am doing therefore no regrets. Good luck, there are a few websites out there to look at depending on what you are looking for. Good luck and enjoy! Loves Anna xx

  2. Glad to know that you had a great time with sexy flirting. I had some experience of sexy flirting with via email with some ladies whome I met via my blog. It was a nice experience thought sometimes lead to too much of masturbation. Have un

  3. Sounds like you are having fun Anna on the dating site – but which one ?
    You should also try Fetlife too – its the best one all manner of diverse deviations and lots of interesting people being openly expressive about their needs and desires – all very refreshing, and I think you will enjoy most of the content – but not for any bland vanilla types
    See my profile for more info : jakek (
    Thanks for your sparky reports – delicious reading
    Jake x

    • Oh I am thank you! Well I have subscribed to a few now just for some diversity and a little research too! But your right there are as ever offerings for all and so much depends what you are looking for. Thank you for reading! Loves Anna xx

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