Just a few texts can’t hurt

Yes I now realise texts can be dangerous, and this one brought all my naughty adventures streaming back into my normal everyday life, my life. I really wasn’t expecting the impact it would have and what I should do next? But I was on an instant high, knowing that at that moment he was thinking of me and it sent me straight back to our erotic kissing, and how good it felt to be touched in that desired and immediate way. That’s all it was really, but it was meddling with my mind and playing with my emotions.

Well I now had a new problem on my hands, should I keep the dialogue going just for a little pleasure. Just a few texts maybe. Couldn’t hurt surely? I admit I wasn’t really hesitating, not on this first text. But I did want to quickly message back while I felt he was still there. I had to translate my message first and hope the meaning hadn’t been lost. I let him know how much I wished I could meet him again and enjoy some fun hours together and how much I was missing his kisses. Strange to be talking to him, as there had always been limited communication when we met, it was all about the moment and the contact and there had always been very little to say. As I sent my message I found myself feeling erotically excited, turned on even to be in touch with him again, though not physically, somehow by sending a text his effect I could feel on me, and that I wanted.

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