Is it that hard to flirt online?

Admittedly, not all young men have the charm ability to flirt and tease online. Which is such an enormous shame for us girls. Sadly, although some may have the body to swoon at, you know the ones… so perfectly defined, torso ripped, bulging just so, and smooth to touch… hmmm….sorry getting far too carried away on that thought, images flying through my head!  Some do lack any form of ability on the verbal temptation front, which can be a massive downfall when flirting online or not as the case may be! Before you know it, you can find all initial sexy thoughts and images have burnt out with lack of any decent flirtatious communication. However, I did discover on my little rambles online, that there are some men out there who do know just how to play the game. Limited numbers they may be, and with the ideal body even more so, but so worth finding them! And it is a game, not to be taken seriously, snare and tease as I see it, but if thought of in that way, can be so much naughty fun.

But surely is it that hard to flirt online? Well I found that some men did really struggle and they quickly died a death with me in ‘online’ speak. I know there were some just looking for easy sex, without any effort on their behalf, thinking their bodies alone would get them there. However as they never got the chance to move beyond the initial hellos and some basic dialogue they were on a loosing wicket straight away. Oh I admit, I was just looking for some hot young men to tease me … tempt me even … tantalise me to misbehave or let me think how much I would misbehave. I wanted to imagine my inner naughtiness playing out her role. Itsn’t that the object of your messages? Isn’t that your job boys? As said so many times, work just a little bit harder to stimulate our brain and our bodies follow suit, ready and more than willing. I believe there’s nothing sexier than an aroused woman, and all women have the ability to be that, they just need the right stimulus and all of us can be naughty little sirens.

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One thought on “Is it that hard to flirt online?

  1. Wow!! teasing post. I am more good in flirting in on line that through talking. I believe that my imagination works more when I type than I speak. As far as I know ladies are usually more good in flirting online than while talking. You are right in your observation that most men are flirting to get sex and are in a hurry for it. I think flirting has a worth in itself: it is an art in some sense. By the way what a pic you put?!!

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