Intense and fabulous …

And if I hadn’t already been naughty enough our next encounter on the last night led me to experience more wicked pleasure …. It wasn’t just the specific pleasure it was where we were doing it and how random and of the moment it was. I decided to meet again at the local French bar and have my last moment of fun but didn’t realise just how fabulous it was going to be. It was a total lust meeting I know that, having got a few drinks at the bar, I just couldn’t help it and started kissing him again for what I knew would probably be the last time. I shall admit it, I began feeling and groping his young body under his t-shirt as we kissed, oh it was bliss. We moved somewhere a little more discreet over towards the pool table where it was a little darker and less busy. Without thinking of the consequences, I slid my hand southwards into his trousers where I started feeling him more intensely. Next thing, his hand moved into my panties encouraged by me. Oh it was intense and fabulous. Something so simple but so good. Yes, I was getting fingered in a bar, I didn’t care if anyone noticed, how wrong is that?

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