I realise I’m ready for more, so much more

You see, I’m just not ready to hang up my coat of sexual flirtiness. After all, I think I am just about to move into my stride. I know I have always had it in me, well the flirty looks, naughty sexual banter, but I haven’t let it really loose. Kiss here or there, maybe a bit of tactile fun. I’m probably looking more sexually confident than I have for years. But somehow I know from those naughty few days away I was after more. There was no one in particular, that wasn’t the issue, it was more the intense excitement, the nervous giddiness of someone new finding you to be this erotic person. Someone who wanted to lust after you for a few hours. I could keep the play alive in my head of the excitement, that was fine. But even then for me I was ready for something more. Much more. Ooh what would people think if only they new what was going through my head. Bad girl hmm …I suspect it would be lucky girl more like!!

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