How exciting to be involved in a naughty scene of sexual seduction?


Over the course of quite a few weeks I managed to get a much better handle on the online scene and learnt a little along the way. Like most things out there of a sexual nature, there are always various degrees of offering, interest and standards. And thankfully we are not all looking for the same! What I wasn’t sure was where I was going with my little dalliances online? I really hadn’t thought it all through. Like so many of my adventures, I had a little dabble and things just started to roll. It was just the sheer excitement of thinking I could meet a stranger for pure sexual pleasure, that was enough to let my imagination play.

But how and where would my encounter be of sexual seduction? That’s where I found my mind wandering particularly when I looked at some of the scenes from my gorgeous pictures I post both on here and on Twitter. To me so many of them capture the sort of sexual scene I would love to be involved in. Both erotic, visually beautiful, completely naughty and sometimes more than a little explicit and certainly way removed from normal day-to-day life. Sometimes just from a picture I imagine the rest of the story, maybe including in it a naughty stranger who has caught my eye on line. How exciting it would be to be involved in a scene of naughty sexual seduction… Sex played out in such an arousing context, ahh that would be utterly hedonistic. But what would I deem worthy for my escapade?

I suppose that’s where all this online flirting met with my active brain. This wasn’t a mechanism offering some cheap sexual thrill after a drunken night at a club, no that wasn’t of interest. No here was a chance to plan a true sexual encounter and play it out just as one wished in an environment of one’s choice. Now how many opportunities does one have for that sort of situation? Hmm I think there were certainly a few willing candidates… my husband found the thought beyond erotic!

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