Hmm … those thoughts of him

Yes it was lovely to be back but I do admit something was missing. Here I was surrounded by my gorgeous family and my lovely horny husband, who had clearly missed me and was so pleased to have me back. After all this time away, I could tell he was looking for action and attention, but so quickly! He couldn’t keep his hands off me as we sat drank and caught up. And during the inevitable fuck that followed that night, my thoughts I admit weren’t with my gorgeous husband but for the young, sexy, French man that I had desired all week. It was his hands I fancied all over me now. How could I keep those thoughts at bay? I had only just come back from such a selfish few days away. This was wrong I know, but I just couldn’t help my thoughts wandering.

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    • So sorry not to thank you for such a nice comment earlier as I am very new to WordPress and if honest hadn’t totally understood how the comments section worked. Anyhow your kind words have put a smile on my face so THANK YOU.

      Loves Anna x

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