Hmm erotic moments … please

Well as you can imagine this conversation didn’t quickly leave my head, I didn’t let it lie there dormant either. The more I thought about it the more I did question the situation. I even began to imagine what it might have been like to have sex with my Frenchman, oh the thoughts were mind blowing. Not just those exciting first kisses, passionate, consuming, nor just the hands travelling deep into me, but more. Oh the excitement, everything that had held me back I could see was slowly getting removed. I could experience it all. I didn’t just want to be someone in her 40s who was muddling along, this was an incredible situation to be in, and I was starting to realise how much I should grasp so at least I could experience again those erotic first moments with a young man. This surely is what women like me hanker after. I wasn’t just after the sex, I needed to have the erotic side too, some lust, desire, I wanted to play with the fantasy albeit on a temporary basis I wanted all of that mixed with lots the sexual drive and energy. Is that just a female trait? Not sure. Oh my … my husband was already 2 steps ahead…. I had just been enrolled in a site for the sexual elite … all of a sudden I could search for my naughty playmate! Oh I love love love technology.

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