He desired me

I just couldn’t stop the fun of texting, the naughty messages kept flowing and I loved everyone of them landing. Each seeming to add more excitement to the last. This was now becoming more than I first thought. But I could flirt and wanted to, I felt it was harmless and wonderful. My naughty secret flirt! Ah he desired me … he couldn’t stop thinking about me and wanted me now! It was making me excited and turned on thinking of him wanting me. For the first time I found myself playing with myself while I messaged him. I had become an object of desire by a younger man, and gorgeous one at that, and it was fantastic. In fact, why shouldn’t I be? I probably ooze as much sex appeal now as I ever have, and look and feel comfortable with my body, which is in pretty good shape. I was a sensual woman who was after some lustful fun. Well this was a tonic if ever there was one. It didn’t stop me being a good mother; it just gave a huge high as I went about my day. But our dialogue moved on. He suggested he came to the UK. Wow that was something I didn’t see, what should I say to that?

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5 thoughts on “He desired me

  1. Sexting has a special place in my heart. Among other places 🙂 I find that it’s an art. Some people just don’t know how to reciprocate properly. But you when you find someone who does…oh goodness…look out..

  2. The excitement of naughty flirty texting is fabulous, but I am always afraid of what would change if there was a meet up in person. I love that longing for someone and I wonder if that’s what I am chasing when I exchange flirty texts. Like maybe I am not actually interested in hooking up with the person, but rather the thought of hooking up with them. Maybe that’s just me.

    Naughty texts with a handsome young man would definitely help keep me on a personal high during the day. Enjoy!

    • Thank you SO much for your really kind comment as it means a lot as this is still very new to me and I feel I am only just finding my feet….I hope you will continue to read and enjoy my journey….!

      Loves Anna x

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