Can married girls still flirt?

Married girls can still enjoy the frivolous flirt, surely? Yes I am married and happily I should say to a fabulous man, and love everything we are, but ….that still doesn’t stop me enjoying some other frivolous flirty play. Somehow if with a younger man can that really be such a threat? … I don’t want a relationship in the full sense, just some hours of increased lust and desire. Something that livens up a passion deep inside. What would my husband think of this little dalliance for that was all it was, just a youthful, lustful dalliance of something different, something new. After all we had nothing in common, barely spoke much between us, shared more drinks than anything else. My husband knows me better than anyone, he’s seen me flirt, and totally gets and adores this fun, feminine side of me. What will he think when I tell him how liberating I have found this attention?

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