Solo male masturbates in the shower

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Eye candy at the ready. I think it fair to say that this may have more appeal with the girls than with the guys, but I do think that torso and awesome pecs in such naked form are well worth the look whichever way you’re genetically wired. I also only say may as there is nothing wrong with enjoying a great body who so ever it belongs to.

We also firmly believe that we should never just focus on girls when the boys need to make sure for their health and well being that they realize the importance of masturbating regularly too. I know some might say surely there is less need to encourage men to wank off. There is certainly less stigma attached to the idea of men masturbating, that has to be true when there appear to be so many other euphemisms around for the boys. In fact here are a few I can’t help but mention from the five finger shuffle, tugging the slug or of course spanking the monkey.

So when it comes to jerking off, I think the shower certainly is commonplace to find those few moments of me time. Manly me time.

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