Kinky redhead restrained and fingered in kitchen

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Who is that in the background? It looks to be a young pretty redhead waiting patiently in the kitchen, her hands tied in black rope behind her back, she stands quietly saying nothing, as if waiting for something to happen. She is dressed elegantly and beautifully in expensive black lace lingerie, a vision of sexual appeal, yet clearly controlled by someone else.

Yes that is how the opening scene of my new erotic film begins. It’s rather intriguing who she is and who the well-dressed man is who sits before her enjoying his coffee and paper as if this was an every day occurrence. But surely it’s not normal to see such a pretty young girl dressed in such sexy black lingerie just there, hands tied, restrained and unmoving like she is his personal plaything and our imagination starts to play.

But there we have it, another play on the erotic, something to tease our mind as well as our eyes.

It is not long before we find his attentions gravitate towards her, and we see the sexual pleasure she receives at his hands. By suppressing her movements with her hands bound behind her back with silky rope straps, limiting her, there is little she can do but be at he mercy of his will.

This is not a hard scene just an erotic film with the play on light BDSM and control, but it is all about seeking her arousal, which is evident as he begins to touch her. Feeling down her body, touching the exposed skin she starts to respond to his actions. Once her panties are removed he feels between her legs, seeking her pussy with his fingers and stimulating her pussy. Circling her clit she falls helpless into his now exposed chest, leaning into his neck, taking in his masculine scene. He takes a firm and controlling approach towards her. There is so little she can do but as her arousal and orgasm grows she tries to crouch harder onto his fingers as he relentlessly seeks to make her cum.

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