Petite redhead in sexy lingerie teases husband at table

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Seeing an elegant woman, looking so composed, assured and beautiful, yet not realizing that beneath all that refined grace there is a naughty sexy minx  revealing her true self has to be such a delightfully erotic combination and a theme I do enjoy playing with across my films and stories. Hence during this naughty hot masturbation video featuring the gorgeous Katie, I enjoyed the concept of teasing your vision with two different views. What you see above the table is so different to what you see below the table. While we see the gloriously serene Katie looking poised in very sexy black lace lingerie just tempting her lover with her seductive look and smile yet knowing that she is enjoying such gorgeously arousing pleasure that her fingers and gold vibrator bullet give her sweet pussy. It is a hot masturbation video of control, arousal, elegance, and beauty and fabulous erotic seductiveness. I want to show how beauty and naughtiness can sit so well together and still be so erotic to watch. Her lover taking the simple delight of watching her before his eyes spread her legs and pleasure herself while she sits before him.

In the erotic story by Erika Foxx she delights her lover with her wish to be aroused, showing him how much she wants his fingers playing her body, to play and probe her body as she is doing so now for him while they sit facing each other down the long table. The eye contact and mesmerizing look adds to this elegant style solo film. But if you are wondering what happens after her crawl up the table, we have a second part to this hot masturbation video and tale, which will be published in the next couple of weeks. Our beautiful girl, with perfectly pale skin and petite frame looks deliciously enticing in her provocative lingerie but shows how horny she has become and how much she wants to be taken on the table. Her mind is deeply aroused, singularly focused and so the tale continues.

Here is the continuation to this sexy film called EAT ME

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