Erotic FaceTime couple masturbate together over webcam

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Such a fun tease of a film as I am sure we have all spent those nights away from our loved one where all we want to do is be in their arms getting downright filthy. Well this cheeky arousing film captures one of those sexual fantasy moments when our two lovers Tina and Alexei are separated due to their work commitments, but their minds become far too active while they chat together online. So what should you do when left alone and feeling horny? Well you ensure you use your webcam so that you can Facetime each other and enjoy as much of visual pleasure of each other as possible.

While the gorgeous Tina sits at her desk, the distraction of her lover filling her screen does become too much for her as her mind becomes racy and starts to tease him and show him what he is missing the other side of the world. Slipping her clothes provocatively off, she begins a sexy tease, flashing her delightful body in her lingerie before moving into a full on dirty tease. Ensuring he gets to see just as much as she can offer, she lifts her leg in a pose to expose her naughty pussy while her fingers tease and exploit her naughty lips masturbating before the laptop on her desk. Rubbling and stimulating her pussy and playing with her clit she does so in full vision of her screen so that her webcam channels the erotic sight down the line to her lover at the end.

Well no man can remain passive when they see their sexy girlfriend masturbate before them and begins to wank himself off as he watches his webcam intently seeing what a naughty sexual girl she is and knowing the thrill of the show is a treat all for him. A naughty idea I’m sure you will agree that offers a wonderful sexual thrill for both horny lovers.

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