Sexy hot latino beauty erotically fingers herself outdoors

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With the feel of a Caribbean storm brewing, there is a wild feeling in the wind. Our gorgeous Hispanic Alexa finds some perfect shelter alone and enjoys some quite time to herself before her boyfriend joins her. With the warmth still on her olive toned skin and the cool air blowing she seeks to enjoy a moment of quiet pleasure. Dressed simply in a cool sheer blouse, just caressing and covering her beautiful tanned Spanish body with her perfectly formed little breasts together with a skimpy little black bikini bottoms, she relaxes beneath a covered seated area, the wind still blowing through the palms. Feeling so relaxed and chilled, the moment soon takes her to a personal level of seduction and fingers herself as she enjoys some naughty thoughts to herself.

Slipping her hands onto her breasts she enjoys the sweet sensation of touching herself and caressing and arousing her nipples, encouraging her thoughts to that of recent sexual enjoyment. As she relaxes more on her own she lets her hand slip into her pretty little bikini bottoms to engage with her pussy. Touching and arousing her body and all its senses, her head falls back as she allows herself a moment to enjoy erotic thoughts of her lover while she masturbates fingering her pussy while alone.

Shrugging off her clothes revealing her beautiful body, she lets her mind wander as her legs part and her fingers slip deeper into her pussy building up the sweet pleasure she so craves. Within moments, the sexual pleasure is deeply arousing, and Alexa enjoys the sensation as she fingers herself, building to an orgasm while she relaxes alone out of the sun.

This is a beautiful and very erotic portrayal of a gorgeous elegant dark latino beauty enjoying her body as she masturbates alone. Such a horny sight to watch, it’s hard not to find ourselves soon feeling the same sexual urge encouraging ourselves to reach that of moment of personal pleasure.

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