One may often wonder what stimulates the mind of erotic authors when they are busy penning away such creative and steamy sexual tales. Well, I was delighted to discover that one particular erotic author Tabitha Rayne (and Frolicme co-author of FIRESIDE TREAT ) found that while conjuring up of hot lustful erotica the thought and desire for a seated saddle style vibrating sex toy became ever more sort after to fuel her body and thoughts with even more mind-blowing creativity.

Catching up with the author as I did at Eroticon this year, I couldn’t help but want to know more about her very individual vibrator, aptly called the Ruby Glow and how it came into being such a success.

So the Ruby Glow … where did the name come from and what made you decide to create your own sex toy and when?

“I took quite a long time to come up with the name – for a while, the working title was The Princess and the Pea. This is because the original design I made in clay had a clitoral nub to grind on and the whole look of the product is loosely design on a reclining woman. I have pages and pages of possible names and was going a bit bonkers as I was setting up the company and time was running out. Suddenly out of nowhere, Ruby Glow popped into my head and I loved it. I think it hints at a beautiful orgasmic blush. A quick Google search showed it is also the name of a delightful little sedum plant which has tiny blooms the very same shade as my vibrator (pure coincidence as it wasn’t even in production then).

I’m an erotic author and the idea came to me when I was writing a particularly hot scene. Sexual arousal and frustration took hold and I wished I had a saddle type toy I could pop under my skirt and ride on while writing so I could get my relief without having to stop and ‘sort myself out’. I thought I’d be able to buy one online and couldn’t believe it didn’t exist! So I had to make it myself. I quickly realised that hands-free pleasure would be useful for many other women – simply for a different kind of orgasm, or perhaps for those with disabilities, or those looking for a non-penetrative way to orgasm.”

What in your eyes did you see as the key criteria when designing the product?

“I knew exactly what it was that I wanted to experience and had a very clear idea of how I could achieve it. The very first model is remarkably similar to the final product. I needed two humps so I could anchor the toy in place with my pubic bone and grind my clit on the first ‘hump’.”

How easy did you find the supplier?

“I did a lot of research on manufacture and production and realised that I needed to team up with someone else. I wanted to work with a company who actually made products in the UK but had a good knowledge – Rocks Off was a natural choice. It took a while and some trips to trade shows in England and Hannover to get their attention. They get many people sending in ideas which aren’t suitable so I had to make sure I knew what I was talking about.”

What were the main challenges you faced and how did you combat the testing process?

“Luckily for me, all the different careers I’ve had over the years seemed to come together to make this process a really positive one. I used to work with ceramics so had really good knowledge on how to make prototypes. However, the main advantage was that I am in a group of erotica authors called the Brit Babes so I had one of my target audience at my fingertips. There are not many friends you could say, hey, can you sit on this vibrating lump of blue silicon and see if you come for me? I’m so lucky to know such open-minded, supportive and enthusiastic women as friends and colleagues.

The main challenge has always been my own confidence and believing that I have invented something worthwhile and genuinely useful. I have been in floods of tears when reading reviews from women and vagina-owning trans men who say Ruby Glow was the only toy to make them come in a long time. That is an incredible thing and whenever I’m feeling any doubt I remember those amazing people who took the time to voice their experiences. It keeps me going, and gives me the kick up the backside I need to realise none of this is about me and my silly doubts anymore, not when there are women a-coming!”

Have you found there are stigmas surrounding the world of sex and or the use sex toys or do you think we are becoming far more open-minded, responsible and aware of the importance of sex to our health?

“The only place I have had had to fight and almost been on the point of giving up is when I encounter financial institutions and big companies. It took almost a year to get a bank account and insurance. It’s utterly ridiculous. God knows what other things these places fund and back, but adult human pleasure is seen as a total threat to it all. Oooo Anna, don’t get me started on Blogger/Facebook etc 😀  the number of times I’ve tried to run an ad and it’s been blocked or before my sites were self-hosted that they were going to be shut down. Honestly, do these people know where they came from! Gosh, I’m on a rant 😀 😀 hooray for celebrators of sexuality like you and FrolicMe!

I believe we are getting much more open about sexuality and self-pleasure but perhaps that’s because I’m in my forties now and have an inner confidence. I’m not sure if sex education is moving along, I truly hope so but all the censorship around makes me wonder.

I have done three separate events recently and every single one, the women were totally engaged with the Ruby Glow and my message of sex positivity which utterly thrilled me and gave me renewed hope and vigour. When you go out and actually speak to people, the barriers fall away very quickly.”

Anything surprise you that you never thought of when you created the Ruby Glow? (this could be anything from people’s perceptions etc)

“Yes, I tried so hard to make the Ruby Glow as inclusive as possible but had to make sure people knew it was for female anatomy. I used the tagline, Pleasure for the Seated Lady – after two or three incredible reviews from trans men who had found the Ruby Glow to be perfect for them, I realised I’d done these people a disservice by using that tagline. I’ve changed it to – Seated Pleasure which hopefully is a much more inclusive title.”

Finally …. Where can we buy the Ruby Glow?

“You can buy it at all adult stores online and in store.

There’s a list on and I can offer readers of this a discount on my own site –

Would you design another sex toy?

“For every one invention that goes into production, there’s six more in various stages of ideas or rejected! I have two possibles and one definite which has already been signed up by Rocks Off but we need to wait for that!”

Lastly from Tabitha …

“My final chat has to be this: I have been lucky enough to write for the FrolicMe site with another writer Mr Wood, we wrote along to a FIRESIDE TREAT film. A beautiful erotic film culminating in a lovely little anal scene. I wrote from the female perspective and watched the film while writing. I’m telling you, it was one of the most erotic and orgasmic solo experiences I ever had! I rocked my Ruby Glow harder than she’s ever gone that day! I thoroughly recommend the practice! Forget the popcorn, get your fingers out and type along to a FrolicMe film while riding your Ruby Glow!”


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  1. Great interview Anna – I met Tabitha at Eroticon 2018 too, and found her to be a warm, sympathetic, funny and intelligent lady who’s incredibly driven – your interview definitely brings these facets out! I have been pondering over getting a Ruby Glow for a while now – if it’s going to enhance the writing of my erotica, I’M IN!!

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