Many feel there is a strong relationship between erotic art and that of porn, both in some ways depict scenes of lovemaking and sexual imagery to stir and evoke erotic arousal. Therefore I felt I wanted to reach out and promote some new erotic artists and their works over the coming weeks and months as another extension to my focus on all things concerning erotica and sex.

I first came across Alexander Chalooupka on his Instagram account and was taken in by the simple yet very clear and bold line drawing he gives his subjects and was keen to illustrate his style here as well as get his thoughts on how he saw his prolific work.

You have an incredible amount of imagery for someone only working as an erotic illustrator for a few months.

“I was always drawing stuff and sometimes kinky stuff but in a totally different style… I found this one line style when I saw some one line logos and sketches of shoes … So I had it in the back of my mind, until one day at the work (had some free time) I was trying to create with one line a half female silhouette and then I said wow this can really work… This was basically my start. This one line silhouette was my starting point to get me here where I am.”

So what got you interested in this medium?

“Fantasies and the likeness to erotic sexy stuff. Who doesn’t like sex, love, passion… It is my way to express myself in this field through art. Art is an expression of feelings! Like Picasso said, “Sex and Art are the same thing” I am really happy that my art express a lot of people that follow me on Instagram and Tumblr. For me it is a big success that with my art I can touch people’s feelings and mind.”

So what is your greatest inspiration?

“Until now sex and erotic movies was and are my inspirations! Also my great inspirations now are some special people who trust me and want me to draw them in my style! I hope the requests will go more and more so there will be fun time drawing! So yeah this is my greatest inspiration now! I respect privacy -secrets and their are safe with me.”

If you would like to contact Alexander Chalooupka you can do from the following links below. Also do let me know by commenting below of any new and up and coming erotic artists you feel we should showcase here.

One of my erotic artists Chalooupka shows off a series of his erotic works

One of my erotic artists Chalooupka shows off a series of his erotic works

One of my erotic artists Chalooupka shows off a series of his erotic works

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