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I am thrilled and honoured to have such a fabulous group of talented erotic writers placing their ‘spin’ on my films and the story outlines, embellishing the visual with explicit words carefully crafted to explore the fantasy. All stories are published ahead of the film building your expectation and anticipation of what’s to come. Please take the time to follow your favourite authors and read other work they have published and help spread their names and work wide and fare by using the social media buttons attached to each publication.

Elsa Vingtseven Erotic Author

Elsa Vingtseven kindly wrote FINGER FUCK FUN

A successful screenwriter by day, Elsa lives a secret life of pleasure, searching for illicit encounters wherever and whenever the feelings and desire take her. Elsa’s erotic fiction is often based on true events; her day-to-day sensual experiences and sexual adventures.

Twitter: @ElsaVingtseven

Wattled: Wattpad/elsaVS

Judy Kemp erotic author at

Judy Kemp kindly wrote WORKOUT WANK 

Hi, I’m Judy Kemp. I’ve been reading erotica since my early teens, when I had to shoplift it from local bookstores as they wouldn’t sell it to me, and even if they did I’d have been too embarrassed to buy it. It was a lose-lose situation. Erotica has opened so many doors for me as a woman. It inspired me to experience and savour many different sexual scenarios and those, in turn, helped me to discover many previously hidden facets of my true sexual nature.

There came a point where I just had to get one of the major sexual experiences of my life down on paper, and the result was A Bouquet of Gardenias, my only novel to date. Being based on true events it was sometimes difficult to write, but I felt a tremendous amount of relief and satisfaction when it was finished. Even more satisfying has been the fabulous critical acclaim it has received. It excites me that my writing can excite other people.

When I read erotica, I like the sex to be frequent, kinky and rough. And that’s the way I like to write it. I want my readers to feel what the characters, especially the women, feel in my stories. I want to express their lust, their forbidden desires, their depraved appetites and their enthusiastic enjoyment of all types of sexuality. I live in London and love the shops. I’m married.

“I hate men who are afraid of women’s strength.” – Anaïs Nin.

Twitter: @JudyKemp69




Mischa Eliot Erotic Author |

Mischa Eliot kindly wrote SET FREE 

Mischa lives in northeast Ohio with a silly cat that likes to lay on her right arm when she should be writing. Not only does she enjoy writing naughty stories, she enjoys reading them as well. You can find excerpts, Sizzling Nibbles, and more at her website:

Twitter: @Mischa_Eliot


Scarlett Flame Erotic Author |

Scarlett Flame kindly wrote DIVINE PLEASURE

My name is Scarlett Flame and I have always had a passion for writing, and always love to write about passion. My background has not always been in erotic writing. I am a fully qualified Children’s Nurse, and also hold a degree and PgDip (Masters qualification), I mention that as I am probably not someone you may expect would write erotica. I was born in Salford and still live in Manchester, and have always been proud to be in my heart a Lancashire Lass. I love to read and write, but only began to seriously write about three years ago. One other passion is singing which is another pastime I particularly enjoy, that is listening, as well as singing myself. It is very likely you will find me attending many gigs, and enjoying so many Indie bands that you find in abundance in Manchester. Many perform in general in an area of Manchester known as the Northern Quarter. My debut novel was a collection of short erotic stories, (one does have fantasy, paranormal, sci fi elements) my latest publication is a paranormal erotic romance. It is set on a Steampunk world and features an array of dragons, werewolves, magicians, and other amazing creatures.

I share my reviews of books, gigs and my personal adventures (when I have them) on my Blog. So, please visit often. I am also very proud of the fact that I was also awarded Blogger of the Year 2014 by Selat.

Twitter: @ScarlettFlame2

Blog: missscarlettflame

Andie Long Erotic Author |

Andie M Long kindly wrote ROMP

Andie M. Long is author of The Alpha series which includes Amazon Number One Erotic Thriller The Alphabet Game; The Ball Games series, which starts with BALLS and comes complete with a Yorkshire slang guide, Drama/suspense Underneath and short story and poetry collection Quickies.

She lives in Sheffield with her son and long suffering partner.

When not being partner, mother, employee or writer she can usually be found on Facebook or with her head in a book.

Check out her books here: AMAZON: Follow to get info of new releases: and sign up to her newsletter here:

Twitter: @AndieMichelle



F. Leonora Solomon is an editor and writer, who lives in New York City. As an editor, she has published several anthologies, most recently TIE ME UP. As a writer, her short stories have been featured in anthologies, including CHEMICAL [se]X and SPY GAMES. She is a bibliophile, and has severe wanderlust. A lot of her stories take place in Paris, like NAUGHTY KNICKERS!

Visit her at , where you can find all of her social media outlets and books.

Twitter: @fdotleonora

Erotic Author Mark-Saint-Gaudens |

Mark Saint Gaudens – kindly wrote HOT & WET

Mark writes erotic fiction for pleasure and to express his fantasies and desires. From the excitement of a brief encounter to the final release of two friends finally becoming lovers he likes to explore the sexual world we all live in even if just in our dreams.

Email: [email protected]

Twitter: @MarkStGaudens


Rebecca Sherwin – kindly wrote LIFT KISS and FRANTIC

Author of Second Chance Hero and a fabulous supporter of our our site.


Twitter: @RRSherwin

Nicci Haydon -

Nicci Haydon kindly wrote ANAL ADORATION and DOUBLE DANGEROUS

Nicci lives in Cornwall, UK, where she spends most of her free time reading fiction and poetry about love, life and sex. She writes erotica both under her own name and as a ghost writer for hire. Visit her personal site to read more about this erotic author.


Twitter: @NicciHaydon



Savannah Hill kindly wrote RISE AND SHINE

Savannah Hill is an erotic romance novelist. Her first novel, Paramour for the Devil, is the story that invaded her dreams until the final chapter was written. She is currently writing the sequel to Paramour, Seducing the Devil, to be released in 2016.

She lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with her man, the love of her life, and spends her days chasing their toddler boy who loves to giggle.


Twitter: @savannahhill1


Email: [email protected]

Sasha Holden Erotic Author at

Sasha Holden kindly wrote SO SMOOTH

Sasha Holden burst onto the literary scene in 2015. Her short stories quickly evoked passion within her fan base who related instantly to her unique brand of eroticism. The ability to engage the reader on both an emotional and physical level provided the key to her success.

A renowned poet in her own right Sasha released her first literary novel entitled “Sarah” Malcolm’s Prize on Amazon in mid-2015 to much critical acclaim within the erotic fiction industry. Like Sarah, her leading female characters are more often than not lonely, yet longing to explore their inner most desires sexually. Her stories enter the most intimate corners of her characters mind, leaving no stone unturned in their quest for pleasure.  The need for my eroticism to arouse readers on every level, as they turn the pages, is my ultimate goal as a writer.

Sasha thoroughly enjoyed penning a story for “Frolic Me’ and looks forward to writing many more erotic film scripts and  stories in the future.

Twitter: @Sashaholden30



Casey Carter kindly wrote TIFFANY

Casey Carter is an erotica author who hopes to encourage women to feel free exploring and living a life that includes pleasure beyond their wildest dreams. The characters of Casey’s Sexual RainbowTM series reflect the many moods and experiences of the author. From the boldness of Kendra in Open House and The Encounter to the adventurous Beverly in Murder and Tie Me Up to the passion-seeking Pamela in Tribeca, her stories reveal that we all desire to connect with someone. We want to feel free to be our true self with someone who accepts us unconditionally. And in doing so, we release energies that open us to a more confident version of ourselves. A bolder self. A more loving self.

Whether you’re a bondage, fetish freak in black, a hopeless attentive lover in the warmth of brown, a purveyor of fantasy and foreplay cloaked in orange or a red tiger whose fire refuses to be extinguished, you should never limit or define yourself as any one specific color. Just as each day brings the dawn of a new experience, every sexual encounter holds the potential to push you past the boundaries of your last rendezvous.

Twitter: @ReadCaseyCarter

Website: CaseyCarterBooks

Amazon: Casey Carter’s Author Page


Lars Kaiden kindly wrote DIRTY BLONDE

Lars Kaiden enjoys writing erotic stories to which readers can relate, using scenes from everyday life. His narrative is straightforward and yet creates complex imagery in just a few words, enabling the reader to become immersed in the tale, potentially as one of the main characters, or as a voyeur. He likes women with strong characters, often a bit cheeky and clearly in charge. When he is not writing about straight sex, he writes about cross-dressing and male-to-female transsexuals. Many of his free short stories are published on

Twitter: @LarsKaiden



Fiona Thrust erotic Author for

Fiona Thrust kindly wrote I KISSED A GIRL 

Fiona Thrust is a bisexual woman in her twenties who adores the rich ecstasy of sex. Fiona is her real first name, but she admits her surname is a pen-name. Which is a shame, because she really does like to thrust…

She’s fascinated about sex: the feelings, the sensations, the incandescent beauty of love and lust. She’s convinced the hot beauty of sex is in connection, and as part of her pursuit as a woman of greater and deeper sexual pleasure, she wants to use the internet to spread her erotic fantasies and so arouse her readers towards the gorgeously healthy beauty of masturbation — thus allowing Fiona to connect sexually with an ever-increasing number of men and women around the world.

And the thought of this turns her on. Very much.

Twitter: @FionaThrust



Erotic author Anna Jaye Wilde |

Kindly wrote MR BIG

Anna Jaye Wilde is an erotic writer that focuses on women who enjoy sex as much, if not more, than the men! Her stories are short, sweet and extremely hot indeed. She writes everything from erotic romance tales, adventures of high class call girls and a series of stories about a young lady’s escapades at a private sex party. Her books are saucy, fun and seriously sexy.

She is thrilled and honoured to write a story for FrolicMe and the film “Mr Big” has got to be a fantasy of every single straight woman on the planet. The films on this site are so hot and completely female friendly, bringing a new angle on porn, so to speak!

Anna Jaye loves to hear from readers so please get in touch!

Read her sexy stories –

Tweet her – @annajayewilde

Visit her website –

Lexie Syrah erotic author |

Kindly wrote JUST IN!

Lexie Syrah has a history of experimentation in life and love. When she’s not writing steamy scenes in her latest book, she’s “doing research” with her devoted husband/Master. Her books reflect her personal blending of the physical and emotional aspects of relationships. She writes primarily BDSM stories based on her experience as a slave to her husband for the last 7 years.  Her Master has guided her through nearly every aspect of the BDSM spectrum, and her writing follows suit, though she has a tendency to incorporate pain and humiliation into everything.

If you’d like to hear about any new publications or free book offers, go to and subscribe to her mailing list for a free story.

She’s also very chatty on Twitter @LexieSyrah so let her know what you think!


Kindly wrote FOOT WANK and SEXY FEET

J.T. Peters is an erotica fiction writer who found a void in the fetish world that he felt needed to be filled.  Since he couldn’t find content that combined both pantyhose fetish and foot fetish together in a way he wanted to see, he focuses on bringing that to life in his writing and shares it with like-minded readers.  He is eternally inspired by his sexy wife, who has been more than happy to indulge him in his particular affections for over ten years.

You can follow his thoughts on related subjects and stay up to date on his erotica releases at his blog (

Email:[email protected]

Twitter: @nylon_writer

Facebook Author Page:

Goodreads: - Erotic Author Moxie Darling


Moxie Darling is an erotica author living in the wilds of Ohio with her husband, elderly dog, and menagerie of spoiled cats. She has a penchant for writing (and reading) naughty stories with a taboo twist. When she’s not making word magic, she can be found crocheting stuff, stalking Goodreads and Pinterest, or struggling to resist the siren call of her chocolate stash.

Facebook: Moxie Darling 

Twitter: @MoxieErotica

Email: [email protected]


Amazon Author Page:

This is my Goodreads link:

erotic author Sarah Michelle Lynch |

If your an erotic author and would be interested in joining my fabulous family of amazing contributors please email me directly at [email protected] and I would be delighted to chat further about up and coming publications.

Kindly wrote HOT PINK

Sarah Michelle Lynch writes erotic romance with a twist, from psychological thrillers to paranormal vampire stories and contemporary fiction. Her mind-bending stories may keep you up long into the night – they may even leave you breathless. Sarah’s aim is always to drench panties but if she manages to twist readers into emotional wrecks, too, she is proud every time a reader tells her she has done so.

Tweet: @SarahMichelleLy


Kindly wrote M&S

Harley Easton is a Renaissance woman dabbling in everything life offers. She’s worked at a major theme park, found expert witnesses for legal cases, and been a guest lecturer at a well known national museum. Putting experience and insanity to good use, she’s become an author specializing in erotic fiction. Her work is featured at and in the Love Slave anthology series. Her novella “Turn to Me” is available at ebook stores.

Twitter: @Harley_Easton



Kindly wrote SPANISH EYES

Frank Lee is a writer and freelance editor of erotic fiction with over ten ebooks available on Amazon and other online retailers. His work has been described as noirotica by readers, and his most popular titles include the novel, Violet Rising, and the novella, Naked Journey. His newest releases are Fire at Dawn, an erotic romance in collaboration with Katherine Rollins, and Burning Star, available July 31st via Excessica Publishing. Several of his short stories are freely available on his blog, Ethereal Lust. He is currently EIC of Lush Publishing.


Erotic Author |


Kenny Wright authors what he calls romantic erotica, dirty stories about couples exploring the naughtier side of romance. His goal with every novel is to create relatable male characters in situations that explore his own fantasies. Swinging, wife-watching, and role-playing are all heavily featured in his books, along with a healthy dose of love.

Twitter: @KennyWriter

Web Page:

Amazon Page

For a limited time, FrolicMe members can download his short, Rediscovering Danielle, for FREE at Smashwords:
Coupon Code: GU24M

Ben Boswell erotic author -

Kindly wrote TOO PRECIOUS

Ben Boswell is the pen name of a married man with two kids and an overactive imagination. He writes sexy stories about cheating spouses, oversexed young women, and whatever else happens to catch his fancy.

Twitter: @BenBoswellAut

Email: [email protected]

Amazon Author Page:


Kindly wrote GOLDEN GIRLS

Cassie Kubrick grew up in the American Midwest, the product of a mildly repressive upbringing. De-  spite that, she never found herself hanging from a stripper pole or descending into  crippling substance abuse. She loves sex, good times, and good laughs.  She lives in Southern California with a string of young men (and women) she  uses then discards”

Author of Dallas Descending: The Dallas Whitley Journals vol 3,  Dallas in Flight: The Dallas Whitley Journals vol 2, Dallas Rising: The Dallas Whitley Journals vol 1

Twitter: @Cassiekubrick

 FrolicMe - Erotic Films and Stories for Women and Couples


Sidney is an author in many genres, but nothing provides the level of satisfaction as does working in erotica. Sidney is a fan of quality erotic fiction, and strives to tell the steamy stories of everyday couples who could live next door… and hopefully do!

 Sidney Sitravon: Sophisticated. Sexy. Erotica.

 Author of The Anklet, Katelyn’s Stranger Series and The Anniversary Gift Series

Twitter: @sidneywriter

Amazon Author Page:


Kindly wrote QUITE NAUGHTY

Cassandre writes highly erotic romance stories and novels in the contemporary, science fiction and paranormal flavors. Currently she has over one hundred seventy erotic romance novels published with Rebel Ink Press and several more under contract. Her recent titles include: Uncuff Me, Unwrap Me, Like a River, Hot Summer Nights Collection, Dirty Little Secrets Collection, His Wrath, Done, Unleashed, and several m/m pieces including Game Over, Power Struggle and Punch Back, Like a River, and the recently re-released Male Order. Her m/m titles including Punchback, Shattered, Hearts Forged in Fire, His Wrath, Done, Like a River, every Hot Summer Nights and every Sizzling Winter Nights piece received silver stars from ARe within hours of their release. Her Domestic Discipline trilogy including Anticipation and Decision have been well received and the third, Discipline, has recently been released.

Twitter: @bethanyhalle

Email: [email protected]

FrolicMe - Erotic Author Veronica Savage

Kindly wrote LOVE LIPS

Ms. Savage is a newcomer to erotica publishing, but not new to erotica or publishing. A long-time kinkster and native of Chicago, Veronica is turning finally turning her writing to the deep desires of love, romance, and SEX! Self-proclaimed Fempowered Mistress, Savage writes realistic femdom erotica with a romantic twist. Corsets, heels, leather, paddles, facesitting, orgasm control, and hunky men in deep submission are Ms. Savage’s bread and butter. Start with Ma’am’s New Toy on Amazon Kindle and catch a new story every month.



Tumblr (very NSFW):

Pinterest (SFW-ish): - Erotic Authors

Kindly wrote WATCHME

My favourite stories are always the ones that have characters that I can relate to, and they’re in some situation that makes them believable people and somehow tests their love, or causes them to fall in love. And then hopefully along the way they end up having passionate, hot sex! And those are the kinds of books I like to write, too!

On Twitter: @erikafoxxbooks

On Facebook:

On my website:

Erika’s Amazon Author Page:



Emma has only recently started to writ publicly with the publication of her blog. I am thrilled that Emma was able to find the time to let her naughty imagining run wild for this fabulous story. Please take the time to visit her blog where you will further published works from this exciting new author.



Grace Harper is a British author who loves to write about strong women and the friends and lovers who make them stronger. She adores writing steamy scenes of first encounters and there is always a little twist along the way.

Author of  Loving Lilly, Stranded at New Year, Charming Olivia. All eBooks out now.

Twitter: @AuthorGHarper


OLIVIA PURLEY – kindly wrote HOT BED

Olivia is an erotic writer of fabulously naughty short stories. First Encounters series tells the stories of men and women who finally get together with the one they have lusted after. The Scarlet Sessions series is not for the faint hearted. Mistress Scarlet brings her client’s fetish fantasies to life. Both eBooks out now.

Author of  The Scarlet Sessions and First Encounters series

Twitter: @oliviapurley



Saffron Sands has been writing and publishing erotica since 2011. The author of a variety of stories that range from the sensual to the taboo, she is grateful to be living out her dream of being a writer. When she isn’t penning her next smoking hot tale, Saffron enjoys sipping a glass of wine, cooking and reading.

Saffron Sands…pleasuring the world one story at a time.

Author of 10 titles including Pleasing my Billionaire.

Twitter: @saffron_sands 


AM HARDING – kindly wrote TWO WET

Author of Taste of Erotica, collection of short stories.

Twitter: @A_M_Harding



Author of Pieces of Black.

Twitter: @AvaBellamy



For those of you looking for something a little more arousing, Charming Man offers a written insight into the realms of sensual romance.  Exploring the thought provoking world of encounters between strangers, sexual fantasies, illicit relationships and voyeurism, Charming Man attempts to reach the inner desire for erotic excitement that he believes lies within us all.  Although all works ultimately leave nothing to the imagination, each treads a slow and tortuous path, building slowly to prolong the sense of anticipation.

First Encounters, a compilation of the first six short stories, is out now, available in both eBook and paperback.

Coming soon, Final Encounters, the concluding compilation of remaining works featured on the Charming Man website.


Facebook Page:







I have always enjoyed the creative writing process, the scenes and characters the mind creates as one sits down with the intent of piecing together a story with the intent to entertain. I love a story that not only keeps my interest but evokes an emotional and physical response with each word read. What better way to provoke such a response from a potential reader than through the heated words found within the genre of Erotica? With that thought in mind I decided to delve into the genre for myself and as a result created short stories that I hope people will enjoy. Based primarily within the realm of fantasy, my stories range from encounters with vampires and shapeshifters to the limitless possibilities for pleasure dreams can create. I hope you will enjoy Pizza Pleasure that I had the pleasure of writing along with other stories of mine that can be found on Amazon. Happy Reading!

Twitter: @CLovington



ALANA NIGHT – kindly wrote NO TIME a fabulous feast of erotic story telling

Alana Night is a twenty something year old indie writer living the dream in Vancouver. She’s loves to write erotica that opens readers minds-and gets them hot! When she’s not writing naughty words to fill your e-reader, she’s either outside snowboarding and kayaking or inside snuggling with a good book and her Hitachi.Alana is currently working on her ABCs of Sex series, exploring sexual fantasies from A-Z. You can find the first three in the series on Amazon.

Twitter: @Alana_Night


AMELIA HUNTER – kindly wrote MY TURN

A chatterbox Twitter addict who drip feeds off coffee but never more than three mugs! Lover of music who  needs earphones in to write. As the music flows the writing follows. Writer of emotional, romantic erotic short stories that take the reader on a journey and leaves them with a craving for more.All stories are wrote with passion and are on the blog to read at your leisure and for your pleasure. A newly released Ebook ‘Sensual Beginnings’ out late 2014 is a collection of short stories linked together to arouse the mind and stimulate the body.

Never stop an erotic mind when it’s in full flow, it needs to explode. My new book is called Sensual Beginnings Vol 1 and is available here 

Twitter: @ameliajhunter1


HISPETITELLE – kindly wrote SIR

Twitter: @hispetitelle

Email: [email protected]

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